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The Bodybuilder's Kitchen by Erin Stern


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School for Psychics by K.C.Archer


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The Ultimate Guide to Divination.....


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X Marks the Spot- Opal Carew's Newest Book


Sweet Siren by Cerise DeLand



Money can buy anything, can't it? Those brash Americans--their dollars and charms work wonders. Until they learn that money can buy anything...but love.

Tycoon. Robber baron. Builder of ships, dreams…and a fortune. Few women can resist him.
One tries.
But who wins when their choices are revenge—or love?

Killian Hanniford has everything he wants. Charming children, a growing empire and wealth beyond his hard-scrabble childhood dreams. He doesn’t need a wife. Doesn’t look for love from the women who only want to dip their hands in his wallet.
But one woman cuts him cold—and he wonders why she has the nerve.
Olivia Bereston knows the notorious American millionaire well. He’s ruthless, unprincipled. And she’s delighted to cut him down to size. 
But afterward, he finds her amusing. Intriguing? 
Is he mad?
Or is he so unique, so forgiving, she might even learn to forgive herself for her own failures? And love him?

My Thoughts:

***Thanks to Cerise DeLand for allowing me the privilege to have an ARC of this book with the understanding that any review posted will be my own honest opinion of it.***

You may have noticed that I have reviewed books by Cerise DeLand in the past.  I love her style of writing and in particular this series.  Sweet Siren is book 3 of Those Notorious Americans.  The series follows Killian Hanniford and his family as the take Europe by storm with their new found wealth.  This book was about the patriarch Killian.  He has met with Lady Savage, Olivia Bereston at 2 previous events including his niece Marianne's (book 2) wedding.  She captivates him with her beauty, wit, and laughter.  Oh and she completely and totally ignores him as much as possible.  He is not used to being ignored by the ladies and finds himself growing more attracted to her everyday.  Olivia finds Killian extremely attractive, charming, and caring which is the exact opposite image she has spent a lifetime carrying of the "Robber Baron".  This story picked up very quickly and I was once again swept away by the way DeLand wove her tale of love.  

I love that the struggle between the two main characters involves a past that Killian is unaware they share.  The growth in the way Olivia starts viewing herself once she realizes she is in love is really wonderful and the surprise at the end makes me want to immediately dive into the next installment, which is unfortunately not available yet.  I didn't find as much humor in this book as some others but it didn't really need it as the story was just so sweet.  This one was a perfect read as far as I am concerned. 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hot Mess by Emily Belden

***Thank you to Harlequin/Graydon House Books and NetGalley for the ARC with the understanding that any review provided will be my honest opinion of the book.***


My Thoughts:

Allie Simon is a social media director who values hard work, friends, and family. She's worked hard to save money and get her career established in Chicago at the ripe old age of 25 she's managed to put $31,000 in her savings. She then finds hot, up and coming chef Benji Zane while monitoring her company's social media feeds. A few flirty messages later and she ends up on a date with him that leads to a hot hookup. It all starts so casually that Allie finds herself ignoring the many stories that surface about Benji's drug habit. This all changes one night after a particularly bad time for Benji. He goes on a cocaine bender and the next thing Allie knows, Benji has announced to the whole world that Allie is his girlfriend and then shows up at her apartment announcing that he is going to quit using cold turkey and moves in with her. Flash forward a few months later and Benji has been offered the deal of a lifetime. There is a big time investor looking to open a restaurant with Benji as the chef. The only catch is he needs to come up with 10% of the cost to become a partner.
This story had me feeling very frustrated with Allie as the main character. She is indeed a "hot mess" and I found her sort of hard to relate to. The way that she almost seems like she has no control over her own life drove me insane but I also have never been in a situation with someone like Benji. I did enjoy the book overall. I really liked watching Allie can her confidence back and end up taking charge and embracing the changes in her life due to her relationship with Benji. I really, really liked the fact that Allie, her new chef, and her partner become a trio of independent, successful business women. I would give this 3 out of 5 stars.

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Cooking for the Senses -Vegan Neurogastronomy by Jennifer Peace Rhind/ Gregor Law