Sunday, April 12, 2015

Furious 7 is Phenomenal

So I am a huge fan of the Fast and Furious franchise. I own everyone of the films and could not wait to see the newest addition.  I will admit to following all the updates on facebook as the filming progressed and especially after the untimely passing of Paul Walker. I was concerned with how they were going to finish the film without him.  His brothers were able to step in and finish the rest of the scenes and voice overs needed, which was very cool. 

My daughter and I went to see this film on Easter Sunday did not disappoint. I absolutely, positively, and undoubtedly proclaim it is my favorite movie of the whole franchise! The stunts were amazing. The comedic remarks were spot on. The fight scenes were awesome. They even filled in the missing links between all he other films. I could not get enough of this movie. Then the ending happened (I will not give up specifics that could be spoilers for you slackers that haven't seen it yet) and it was PERFECT! It was emotional and touching. Yes, I was teary eyed. I am not ashamed nor was I alone as there were at least 3 grown men in the row across from us and they too were emotional.

Moral of this post: Go see this movie. It is so worth the cost of the movie ticket!

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