Saturday, April 11, 2015

I love good books, good movies, good music, and good food! I know how cliché that sounds but honestly these are the things that help me stay sane.  I can be having the worst day ever and then get in my car to drive home and the perfect song could come on and turn my mood right around.

The best part of books are that I get to be a different person living out a new adventure every time I open one. We are not even gonna talk about the "tunnel vision" I get when reading a book or watching something on TV. Literally, no one in my house even attempts to talk to me when I am in my "zone".

I LOVE is such a rewarding experience being able to create a meal from a recipe I found or just one I made up. The smells from the kitchen are so comforting. It is also pretty gratifying to watch someone enjoy a meal I made.

Since I couldn't decide what exactly to blog about I thought I would just cover it all. I mean I can't possibly be the only one out there who gets equally excited by the newest series on Netflix and the self-imposed Goodreads 2015 challenge. Right? Lol

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