Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review on The Rosie Project/ The Rosie Effect

On Wednesdays I like to review any new book I have just read. This week I actually have two. They are by Graeme Simsion.  The first one is The Rosie Project. The main character is a professor of genetics named Don Tillman. He is brilliant in academics and socially awkward and hysterical in all other areas. Don decides that since he is only ever able to get 1 date from any woman he needs to be more scientific in his approach. He designs a very thorough survey to pass out at social events to women in the hopes of finding "The One". He then meets Rosie, who from the very start is exactly the opposite of an acceptable life-mate. They do form a friendship while working on a project to help Rosie figure out who her real father is.  All I will say is that I couldn't read this fast enough just so I could get to part 2....The Rosie Effect.

The Second book lets the reader see what happens now that Don has gotten married an relocated to NYC.  I was still laughing about it long after the book was done.  There is something so touching about Don and Rosie as a married couple with a baby nicknamed B.U.D ( baby under development) on the way. However, this book is just as charming as the first one.  I would recommend these books to any book club or just anyone who likes heartfelt and hysterical books. These two were part of my pledged books for this year's Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge. I pledged to read 150 books this year and I will keep you updated on what I enjoyed or what I did not.

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