Thursday, May 7, 2015

Food Glorious Food!

I love food. I don't mean just eating good food...I mean the whole process. I love trying new recipes I find online, in books, or making my own creations.  I have promised my friends to share some of my favorite recipes and blogs from other foodies.  Sunday is Mother's Day so I thought I would share my own little invention.  This is what I made for my family for Valentine's Day breakfast but it would be perfect for Mother's Day as well.   I call it Waffles a la Mom.
The recipe is pretty straight forward.  My Sister-in law bought my Ghirardelli Chocolate Strawberry squares that I just fell in love with. I toasted some buttermilk waffles ( Great Value $2.00) and covered them with a pat of real butter ( Land o Lakes Salted Sweet Cream $2.50 on sale). I lightly drizzled the bottom with  Hershey's chocolate syrup and sliced, fresh strawberries ( syrup was on hand and berries were 2/$5 @the local grocer). Then I covered with a spray of sweetened whip cream in a can( also on hand). Then I added the second waffle, more syrup, berries, whipped cream and topped with chocolate sprinkles(Also on hand. What can I say we like sundaes in this house). Then just because I was trying to make it more pretty I sliced just deep enough into a strawberry to stand a square in and then fanned the ones out that were on top of the waffles.   Enjoy!
1 box of waffles
chocolate syrup
whipped cream
chocolate sprinkles
Chocolate square ( I loved Ghirardelli but any candy you like will do)

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