Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

Every May 1st marks the start of my favorite month. Not only does my birthday happen but it makes me happy to see all of nature waking up from its long slumber. I remember being a little kid and making little origami cones/baskets and filling them with whatever wild flowers I had found and leaving the whole thing on my Grandma's porch. I decided today would be the perfect day to finally get my planting started. We are growing lime basil, dill, garlic chives, and sage in terra cotta containers on the porch. I am also ordering some lemongrass to grow because my goal is to be able enjoy my lil' back porch without the damn mosquitos killing me. We have a very nice creek that runs past our house but this is also why the little bloodsuckers are so bad. My boyfriend built us a raised garden bed that is about 8'x6' to plant our veggies in. Last year we used 2 of those 5 gallon totes to attempt our first go around with gardening. We had some pretty good success so this year we decided to upgrade. The only seeds we have for that as of yet are carnival peppers. I will post pics along the growing season so you can see how well it may or may not be turning out.

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