Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road/ Hot Pursuit

Last night our local drive-in played these two movies together and my boyfriend and I went to watch them. I thought Hot Pursuit was really funny. I just love both of the actresses and the plot was pretty good. Spoiler alert:   Agent Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) is sent on a mission to redeem her joke of a career on the police force. She is to retrieve a couple that are going to be informants on a major drug dealer.  Her partner gets shot along with the husband and Cooper is left to try to get Mrs. Riva (Sofia Vergara) to headquarters to testify. Cooper is a very "by the book" and Mrs. Riva is the epitome of the fiery Latina woman.  There are gun fights, car chases, and cat fights.  It was so entertaining to watch the bond form between the two women.

The second movie played was the reboot movie Mad Max Fury Road. I was very excited to see this film ......and then I did. Spoiler alert: Max ( played by Tom Hardy) opens up the movie with a brief monologue about all the people in his life he hasn't been able to save. He then eats a two-headed lizard, gets in his car, speeds across the desert while being chased and inevitably captured. Then I was confused for like a good 20 mins as to what the Hell was going on. It turns out the whole world has become a dried up sandbox and the group that captured Max has been working on trying to repopulate their society with healthy babies from the "official wives/breeders". The Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) has betrayed her boss by stealing the wives to take them somewhere safe and thus the car chase that lasts the entire movie with various clans in pursuit.  My boyfriend thought this was a pretty good movie. I have no clue how I feel. I won't say I hated it but I will probably never watch it again.  One good thing I will say is that this film does carry on with the same "end of days" vibe the previous Mad Max movies had. FYI: One of the cars chasing the escapees has a band on it. I am not even kidding there is a guitar player and drummers on a rig providing the bad guys with their own theme music during the entire chase scene. It is freaking absurd.

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