Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My newest book obsession

 I love reading even more than I love movies. Today I finished reading a historical romance and was looking for something new and slightly more modern.  A friend introduced me to Alice Clayton and her Redhead series.  I work in a call center where some days we could take upwards of 80 calls a piece and other days we are lucky if we get 12 and on the slow days we read a lot. My co-workers have been reading Ms. Clayton for a while and enjoying her style immensely. I am usually the one who laughs out loud or even cries depending on what I am reading but this time it was everyone else laughing. I thought why not give it a try? The Unidentified Redhead had me hooked from about halfway down page 1.  The author describes her own writing style as comedic erotica aka funny smut and I am inclined to agree. I laughed so hard reading this book that I actually snorted like Miss Piggy. The book trailer up above does not give a very good example of how funny this book is but it does give a brief over view of the storyline. The main characters are Grace Sheridan, 33 year old working actress trying to rediscover her love of performing and hoping to make it big in the process and Jack Hamilton, 24 year old sexy, British actor on the verge of being the next "big thing".  Grace's bff/agent/roomie has an industry party and needless to say when Jack and Grace meet ....the sparks fly. The interactions between these two and between Grace and bff Holly are so refreshing and snarky that you will not be able to keep from laughing. This is book 1 in the series and you can learn more about the other and her other books ( I am told Wallbanger , pat of The Cocktail Series is equally delicious) by visiting her website: and you can also find her books on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ibooks, iTunes,, and audible.

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