Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Travel with Our Furbaby

We have been very fortunate the past 2 years with vacation planning. Our first vacation was to a cabin in the Adirondacks right outside of Lake Placid. It was so relaxing but we made the decision that any vacation would be based on the ability to take our beloved "Mrs. Pies" aka Sweets the Dog. We went at the wrong time because it turns out everything is shut down during Spring break time to allow the change over from Winter activities to Spring/Summer. We hung out at the cabin, cooked great food, explored the woods outside, and went for scenic drives but it was April and still cold here in NYS.  The only incident we ran into was that Sweets thinks she needs to be up front on someone's lap and at 70 lbs that is no easy task. Oh and the chicken nuggets that she was feed by the teenager that resulted in puking all over the inside of the car.
Last year we booked a cottage near Eastport, Maine.  We went in June so it was much warmer with no snow. We even rented a car. I decided we would go off grid so there was no cell service, internet, or TV. The cottage was on a bay and the view was breathtaking. We had our own private black sand beach. We collected fresh mussels every time tide went out, listened to the seals on their own little island, and watched early morning(like 4am early) fishing vessels head off to work.  The downside..... our dog thought she was a mountain goat and kept scaling the really high banks and rocks, insisted she steal my spot on the bed each night, and we ran out of things to talk about or do after about day 3. It was the longest car ride in the world it seemed. We also lost an iPhone and an and iPod Touch to the Atlantic ocean while kayaking towards "Seal Island" and enjoying the beach. Sweets went on every outing we made and oddly enough was treated like some sort of royalty which she enjoyed immensely. The rental car deposit was a bust though. We covered the entire backseat with a sheet and she would wait until we were driving and then attack it so she could lay on the actual seat. We tried to vacuum ourselves but it looked like we had a polar bear in the car with all the white fur.
This year we have opted for a "stay-cation". My daughter goes to NYC to visit her Dad and his family every summer for a month or so and I usually make the trip solo. It takes about 6 hrs each way if there is very minimal stopping. My boyfriend enjoys fly fishing a lot and we drive straight through the Catskills so we planned to stop at a campground for a few days before heading back home to begin the many projects we have lined up. Problem #1: All the campgrounds require a deposit for the dog and some charge per night in addition. I don't mind the deposit but when it starts averaging $70/night to sleep on an air mattress in a tent it seems less appealing. Problem #2: We had no idea what else to do except take turns driving and make the trip up and back with no sightseeing or fishing.
You are probably wondering why we don't just kennel the dog right? We adopted her from the local SPCA and she has extreme separation anxiety. The vet even recommended we get her on a medication to help. Plus, she came from a pretty rough home and she is part of the family so why not let her go too? Then it hit me. I went to this great site I had read about It shows you all the pet friendly places you can stay and just like that we found a very nice hotel that allows pets up to 75 lbs. to book. Prices started as low as $78/per night with a $20 pet fee. The hotel has all  the amenities you could want. I would rather pay this price to sleep in a nice King size bed then on the ground. I recommend this site to anyone who loves their furbaby as much as we love ours. Also check out the great site we used to book our previous and hopefully future vacations. It is It stands for vacation rentals by owners. It covers all states and a lot of countries as well. I have had amazing experiences with the people on this site. Check them out and happy vacationing.

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