Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Time Lapse

So it feels weird to be posting again but in a good way. It seems that last week almost every electronic device in my home turned against me. My laptop refused to connect to the internet and my Kindle Fire started typing "poo" whenever I typed the letter o. There were a lot of things happening so I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. Last weekend we saw Tomorrowland at the drive-in. It stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Britt Robertson. It was showing with Pitch Perfect 2.  I was really surprised how many people told me that they were not planning to stay to watch the Disney film.  It was their loss. I enjoyed it so much. Now if you are not familiar with the plot of the movie I will give you a quick overview. The movie opens with George Clooney's character, Frank Walker, talking about how he was a child genius who invented a jet pack and took it to the World's Fair in NYC in 1964 and that is where he meets a young girl that changes his world forever.  The girl named Athena helps Clooney's young self be transported to a different dimension full of hope, wonder, and magnificent inventions called Tomorrowland. Their inventions and actions over there very quickly have a detrimental impact and Frank and Athena get banished for it. Frank grows up to become a recluse and Athena spends decades trying to find someone with the drive, intelligence, and hope to help set things right. She finds Casey Newton ( Britt Robertson) and realizes that she is exactly the key they need to repair the damage done and save Tomorrowland.  It was funny and touching and when I left .....I wanted a pin with a T on it. This definitely worth a watch.

I mentioned it in previous posts but I love Pitch Perfect and now I can say that I love the 2nd one just as much. It was fantastic.  The Barden Bellas return after 3 years of being national champions only to have an unforgettable performance for President Obama's birthday.  They are told that they are not allowed to continue on their tour and can only be reinstated by performing and winning the World's Championship. They are replaced on tour by Germany's champions , Das Sound Machine. I can not begin to tell you how funny the movie is. Please go out and watch it. On a random side note: both of these movies feature Keegan-Michael Key.

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