Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cucumber Salad for July 4th

Happy July 4th everyone!  We have decided to stick around home today and just enjoy the weather. Later on we are expecting my brother and his family to come over so we are going to use our new smoker and make some smoked mac and cheese, smoked BBQ chicken, and cucumber salad.  Yesterday we did a trial run with the smoker and I made my first ever batch of  smoked mac and cheese. It was delicious ( I used mozzarella, Colby/jack, sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and parmesan cheeses) however I just eyeballed the stuff I used to make my rue so I won't be including the exact recipe just yet. But it will be in a future post rest assured. The chicken I will post later if it goes according to plan LoL.  I make cucumber salad very rarely and have no idea why because it is so simple. I made some the other day for a potluck at work and thought it would compliment today's meal pretty well.

2 large Vidalia /red onions ( which ever you prefer) diced
1 bottle of your favorite Italian dressing
6 med/lg tomatoes diced
2 English cucumbers diced
2Tbs of salt
2Tbs of black pepper
2Tbs of parsley
1Tbs red pepper flakes


See what I mean....Such a simple, easy, side dish to make.  Oh and here are the only 2 pics I took of the smoked mac and cheese.

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