Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DVD/Blu-ray releases for July 7

So I know I have been bad and not posted in a while so I am making up for it. I even made an editorial calendar to keep my self on track!
Absolution is an action flick starring Vinnie Jones and Steven Seagal. All the sources I have checked have rated it 4 out of 5 stars so it may be worth the watch. It is basically about a government hitman trying to break up a human trafficking ring, take out a mob boss, and protect one of the girls involved in the ring. Not sure I will see this but feel free to leave a comment if you do so I can know if it is worth the watch.
Maggie is a zombie film starring Arnold Swarzenegger and Abigail Breslin. This is only rated PG-13. I am looking forward to watching this. I enjoy most (used cautiously)Arnold movies and zombies are a bonus. Maggie is a 16 year who gets the virus changing people to zombies but it will take around six months to turn fully. The film follows her character and how her family deals with all the changes that will come.
The Woman in Gold is a drama. It stars Helen Mirren as a Jewish refugee who had to leave her home and possessions during WWII to flee from the Nazis. She wants to reclaim some of her families pride and heritage  by getting back a famous painting of her aunt that was stolen during the war. The painting has become treasured and known as The Woman in Gold. Ryan Reynolds stars as her lawyer determined to help her get the family heirloom back. This is going to be a very good movie I think.
As always, I will follow with a review once I have watched any of these and of course these were not the only ones that dropped today. You can always check out www.dvdsreleasedates.com or www.ondvdreleases.com for more info.

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