Monday, July 27, 2015

Review of The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

Grace and Jack are back in the final book of The Redhead Series by Alice Clayton.  Grace has returned home to LA and the house she shares with Jack.  She is so happy to be with her friends and her "George".  The musical she was starring in has been adapted into a TV show with her in the title role.  She is instantly thrust into grueling hours, harsh criticism, and insane exercise schedules.  She is asked to lose 15 lbs. for the show which brings up all the body image issues she's had in the past.  She begins struggling with what is good for the show vs. what is good for her health.  This is all going on while the tabloids are still speculating about the actual status of her relationship with Hollywood's hottest leading man.
 Jack is super excited to have his girl back home where she belongs.  Their mutual agent, Holly, is still making Grace and him keep their relationship private.  He has signed on to film a new movie that keeps him in the desert of Las Vegas for weeks at a time.  He is frustrated with his new found fame and the lack of privacy and demands that come with it.  He makes friends with another cast member who was the previous " Hollywood Golden Boy".  The closer their friendship gets the more it becomes obvious that Grace and Holly do not approve.  Jack begins going out on a regular basis.  He starts partying out of control and before long the press is having a field day.
Grace is forced to watch Jack spiral out of control and clueless on how to help.  It seems as though the better her career seems to be going the worse Jack's is.
This last book made me feel a wide range of emotions. ( I was mad when Grace was mad.) I felt it was so refreshing to see the author tackle the weight/body image issue that women face everyday, celebrity or not.  Grace is a strong character that resonates well with women in their 30's who still feel like a work in progress.  The best thing about this besides the obvious ( humor, sexiness, drama) is that it gives the reader a better appreciation of what life is actually like for celebrities and reminds us that  they are people too.

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