Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton

This is my favorite book in the "Cocktail" series by Alice Clayton. This story is all about Viv Franklin who is one of Simon Parker's (from Book 1 and 2)childhood friends. She is briefly introduced in book 2 of the series but this one is all about her and her quest to find "the one". By day she is a badass, tattooed, software designer and by night she is a closet romance novel addict ( but who isn't ? ). She dreams of a tall, dark , and handsome "knight in shining armor" type. What she gets is a gorgeous cowboy, an awesome home on the beach, and an uptight ( very attractive) librarian. She enlists a little help from Simon, Caroline, Ryan, and Mimi to help restore her new home so Clark the Librarian will get off her back and in the process discovers that maybe what you really want is right in front of you the whole time. I love Viv. She is sassy and fun.

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