Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Lucy Maud Montgomery

You may have noticed that the Google Doodle for today was a cute cartoon featuring a red-haired little girl. This is meant to represent one of the most iconic characters in literary history. She is known as Anne of Green Gables and her creator was Lucy Maud Montgomery.  I was like a lot of little girls growing up and this series was the first one I read from beginning to end. I also remember watching the TV series based on it that aired on PBS.
L.M. Montgomery grew up in Canada raised by her maternal grandparents after her mother's death.  She was full of imagination and creativity and as you with the elderly couple did not provide much of an outlet.  She soon began channeling that energy into writing. I don't want to go into too much detail on her life history but you should give her a search on the net. She was a pretty fascinating woman.
The book image above is from Amazon and this particular edition features side notes on the author's bio. This particular edition is available for  $.99 as a Kindle edition today. It is also available in paperback and hardcover. Amazon is also running a 30% of any print book special right now using promo code: HOLIDAY30.  I am totally taking advantage of that!
The quote below is one of my favorites. The image came from the L.M. Montgomery Institute's website. This is a great place to read all about her life and literary contributions. (
I am glad that Google took the time today to celebrate Montgomery on what would have been her 141st birthday. Happy Birthday Ms. Montgomery and thanks for all the great stories.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Samaritan by Stephen Besecker Review

My latest read is  The Samaritan from local author Stephen Besecker. My neighborhood library has the book slated as their December choice for the Brown Bag Book Club.To say that I enjoyed this book is somehow an understatement....I loved it so much! The main character, Kevin  "Hatch" Easter grew up on the Seneca Indian Reservation in Cattaraugus which is less than a 20 minute drive from my home.  This just added so much more to the depth of the story for me. The characters are easy to connect to. Awesome scenery aside the story itself is very fast paced and exciting. Hatch is a tracker for the CIA who loses his wife and sister-in-law during a Mob shakedown gone wrong.  The rest of the book unfolds as he tries to figure out who was responsible for their deaths and why. It is full of revenge, humor, mafia, drug dealers, and of course good vs evil. The book itself is 307 pages and comes with some very impressive reviews from  a few bestselling thriller writers. I am very excited for the next installment of this series.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bring on November!

The last week in October brings around Spirit Week at my day job. Each year we do this to help boost morale and also to give us agents a little bit of fun.  I didn't participate each day ( bad hair day for example lol). Up above are pics from the two that I did though.  I dressed up for 80's day in my best Flashdance inspired outfit. I will admit, it did nothing to flatter me but it was pretty fun. The other was of course Halloween. I totally made my own Mad Hatter costume inspired by Tim Burton's version.  I even won a contest at work for it. Now, I am just happy to have October over. I need a one week break before I start with the Thanksgiving/Christmas  rush. Welcome to the beginning of the Christmas rush to start shopping.