Monday, January 4, 2016

Book Review on The Prince Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins does it again! First of all this book contains some of my favorite things (Scots/Gypsies/fairy tales/steamy romance). This does have a Cinderella type feel to its storyline. This is part of the Oxenburg Princes series featuring our hero's other 3 brothers. I highly recommend this series. So here we go with my review of this book.....

Her: Bronwyn is 24 and "firmly on the shelf" and seems content just being there for her family. She had a pretty disastrous season and since has been happy to help her inventor father file patents, balance the household budget to allow funds for her step-sisters society entrance, and reading books. Her romance books are her guilty pleasure. She loves when the handsome and bold leading men passionately claim the hearts of the heroines. Just imagine her surprise when her very own hero in the form of Prince Alexsey Romanovin shows up and leaves her breathless.

Him: Alexsey was born a Prince and as such is used to getting whatever he wants and that is at the moment to not get married. His very heavy handed Grandmother Natasha has other ideas. She is determined to see him settled and married. She drags him to the little town of Dingwald in the Scottish countryside to parade a steady stream of eligible, educated, and acceptable beauties in front of him in an attempt to marry him off. Alexsey is just as determined to remain single. Then he meets bookish, witty, and "old" Bronwyn and the sparks fly! He is positive she is just the delicious distraction he needs to pass time.

This book has it all....a Gypsy Queen, a wickedly determined stepmother, 2 stepsisters, crazy dogs, missing slippers, and passion. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because my copy never mentioned it was book 2 so I read it out of order.

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