Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dirty Grandpa Review

I wasn't ready! I love, love, love Robert DeNiro as an actor especially when he is doing comedy. Zac Efron is also becoming one of my favorites ( plus hello, easy on the eyes much). I was pretty excited to see the two of them together onscreen. I have to be honest...based on the trailers the film looked fairly funny but the reality is that is was freaking hilarious. This movie is rated R and believe me it deserved this rating. I am not proud of my behavior in the theater.  I snorted 3 times and laughed so hard I actually cried. This now means this film will  forever be on my list of funniest films of all time. DISCLAIMER:  The humor in this movie tends to be crude and politically incorrect. I happen to enjoy these things in my films but if you don't then do not watch. Also this is rated R for a reason so keep that in mind for the tweens and younger viewers.

The story starts with the passing of Grandma. Grandpa Kelly (Robert DeNiro) decides he must make their annual trip to Florida the weekend after her passing. He says it is what they always did and she would want him to go to honor her memory.  However, the DMV has taken away his license due to his cataracts so he needs a driver. His grandson Jason (Zac Efron) reluctantly agrees to go even though he is busy with his wedding just a week away. This is when it gets good. Grandpa turns out to be foul-mouthed and on a mission to find "female companionship" since he is now single. They run into Shadia (Zoey Deutch) , who was a classmate of Jason's from college and her 2 best friends. Her BFF Lenore (Aubrey Plaza) is on a mission of her own and Grandpa is just what she is looking for. Needless to say, they all end up in Daytona Beach for Spring Break and shenanigans.

My boyfriend and I have been running around our house all weekend quoting random things from the movie. I don't want to ruin this for anyone but I just wanted to say 2 of my favorite scenes involve Zac Efron singing and a fluffy, bumblebee pouch. I am not sure what that says about my own personal sense of humor. I take solace in the fact that I was not the only one in the theater laughing so hard.

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