Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Revenant is Awesome!

The Revenant is the newest Leonardo DiCaprio film. It stars DiCaprio as Hugh Glass and Tom Hardy stars as John Fitzgerald.  It is set against a 1820's style western frontier background.  Hugh and his son (1/2 American and 1/2 Pawnee) are acting as scouts for a fur trading expedition that ends in an attack on their current camp by the Cree Indians. The Cree are violent and swift in their attack and are searching for the daughter of the chief.  The daughter was kidnapped by two white men and the Cree will not rest until they find her and punish the thieves.  Glass and the remaining men grab as many pelts as they can and flee to their boat and barely escape the slaughter. Enter John Fitzgerald, who is a member of the expedition with very greedy tendencies. It is clear early on that he is NOT a team player.  Glass convinces the team that it is best to abandon the ship down river and trek into the deep mountains where it is much colder and food is scarce so as to avoid the Cree.  There is some conflict between Glass, his son Hawk, and Fitzgerald and it just adds to the tension building in the film. Glass is attacked viciously by a bear while scouting that ends up with him barely surviving (this scene was so intense I had a death grip on my glass of soda).  His team decides to leave him to die with only his son and 2 others members staying behind to bury him when he passes away. This is when the story gets even more enthralling. I will not go into anymore details because this is a MUST SEE film.

This movie was visually stunning. The location, period clothing, and dialects used were so authentic. I could not find one flaw with any of it.  I am not ashamed to say that  I even teared up at one moment because I was just that into the movie.  The run time is over 2 hours but you barely even notice. The performances of the very talented cast were spot on. All in all, I see many awards in the future for this film and  for Leo DiCaprio ( Can we say Oscar worthy?) himself. This movie absolutely lives up to all the hype.

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