Monday, April 25, 2016

Council Courtship by Constance Phillips

                            Council Courtship by Constance Phillips
                           The Realm's Salvation 2

When Tristan Ipsly becomes eligible to fill a vacated Council seat, he thinks his chances are non-existent. Especially since he is the sole member to a house the fell to the revolution and his contender Edwin Vettore is an elder from a house that adheres to Canon teachings. 

If fairykind has a chance at survival, it will come on Tristan’s wings of change. Or so Quinn Vettore believes. But voicing her support for Tristan will anger her grandfather, and he’s the one man who can stand in the way of a courtship between Quinn and Tristan. 

Will Edwin successfully keep both Quinn and the position out Tristan’s grasp, or will the Council yield to change? 

Please Note this is a Novella

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(Paranormal Romance) 

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