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Love On Track Promo on the Track
by Alithea - Jae Smith
Genre: African-American Romance, Women’s Fiction, New Adult, Sports Romance

Love On The Track is a story about love, helping to restoring faith in the one you love, and fulfilling your desire to accomplish something despite having many hurdles.

The story takes place in the beautiful island of the Bahamas as Kenyon and Lauryn grew up wanting to win a gold medal and represent The Bahamas at the Olympics games in the sport of track and field. 
The story takes place in the beautiful island of the Bahamas as Kenyon and Lauryn grew up wanting to win a gold medal and represent The Bahamas at the Olympics games in the sport of track and field. 

When they were in the fourth grade, Kenyon moved to North Carolina with his mother and Lauryn remained in the Bahamas. Their passion didn’t die for the sport as they both became standout athletes during their teens years. However, when Lauryn was fifteen she met and fell in love with Shannon Knowles, the young man who turn her word inside out. He abused her both mentally and physically during their four year relationship to the point where Lauryn quits her job in Texas to return home.

Now more than fifteen years later Kenyon returns to the Bahamas to train with legendary coach Jimmy Thompson, who once trained Lauryn.  Kenyon is a man on a mission to win a gold medal and not to fall in love. 

Now that Lauryn has returned home she works for the local paper as a sport writer. She has no intentions of going back to track nor to fall in love; that was until she reconnected with Kenyon.

Shannon also returns with a plan to win Lauryn back but when he realizes that she's into Kenyon, he decides to end her happiness at all cost.

Along the way Kenyon helps Lauryn realize her self-worth and the importance of accomplishing whatever goal she sets for herself.

I’m Alithea-Jae, a DIVA with a Pen! I live in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. I’m currently a sophomore at the College of Bahamas studying a degree in Media Journalism. I’m actively involved in my community as well as an Advisor for Junior Achievement Bahamas.  Writing has always been my first love. I still can remember being put in timeout from my mom for writing on my bedroom wall. After that, she give me a pen and a notepad. I have been writing even since. My first novel, “Love on Track”, will be published is available now..

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Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

OMG! OMG! OMG!  I was super psyched when I found out Tim Burton was directing the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. I am a huge Burton fan and lover of Johnny Depp's amazing acting.  Helena Bonham Carter..... pretty amazing in her own right.  I have yet to watch a Tim Burton film and not be instantly in love with it.  This one was no different.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I may actually like Alice Through the Looking Glass better than the first one.  It was so amazing visually. I loved everything from costumes, music, set design, to the characters themselves.

 I have always loved these stories from the time I was little. I own hardback copies of each that are so worn out from readings that the cover art is barely noticable.  Hollywood has a way of taking a favorite book and adapting it to film that a majority of the time changes so much about the original context that it is almost unrecognizable.  The beauty of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass is that these are not the average "fairy tale".  There are certainly fantastical creatures and wonderment but the story is also very dark and even somewhat scary in parts. This is exactly why Tim Burton was hands down the perfect director for these film adaptations.  He is a master at taking something odd and dark and making it into your greatest dream and worst nightmare all at the same time.  His choice in cast is always spot on.  Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Sacha Baron Cohen, and of course the late, great, Alan Rickman. Need I say anymore?

I love that the scenes were so drastically different in Wonderland versus London.  In the "real world" the colors, people, and clothes almost seemed one dimensional.  Alice is surrounded by a lot of dark gray skies, very unemotional people, and even the party scene seemed very doom and gloom. This is so perfect to set the mood.  Alice has returned from a long but wonderful journey to China and is excited to share all that she has learned and seen.  She returns to an unhappy Mother forced to sell her deceased Husband's ship and company to be able to live. The jilted, ex-fiance who now wants nothing more than to take everything Alice has away while reminding her of all she could have had with him. There is also the little matter of being committed to an insane asylum.  The scenes are pretty lackluster and dare I say......depressing.   Then when she is in Wonderland everything is over the top.  Vibrant colors, fantastic creatures,and interesting clothing.  These scenes are so energetic and over the top that you can't help but be sucked in like a moth to a flame.  There are certainly dark and dangerous things happening in Wonderland but the drama and excitement just leap off the screen and grab a hold of you and pull you in.

This is a must watch film and one of the best of the year, in my opinion, so far.

Classy N Sassy Series

The Classy 'N' Sassy Series 

by Stephanie Haefner 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Size Matters -Book 2 On sale for 99 cents June 4th-June 30th only! 

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 In this saucy, sexy, laugh-out-loud romp, a lingerie shop owner and single mom falls for the hunky cop who just happens to holster his own perfectly sized weapon. Bryn, co-owner of Classy ‘n’ Sassy Lingerie shop with her best friend Mia, is ready to get back out in the dating world after losing her husband to the war overseas. Diving into bad first dates, online set-ups, and guys who just can’t get the message, Bryn can’t stop thinking about Eli, the sexy neighborhood cop who’s also a great dad. But between Bryn’s dead husband and Eli’s messy divorce, will these two have what it takes to overcome their baggage and fan the flames between them?

 Preorder now! Releases July 4th

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In this saucy, sexy romp—third in the Classy 'n' Sassy series—a lingerie shop marketing director is ready to get back in the dating game after divorcing her cheating ex-husband. Will she finally find her one and only this time around? Penny used to love working at Classy 'n' Sassy Lingerie shop as the marketing director for her best friends Bryn and Mia, but lately, hearing stories of love and passion from customers is grating on her nerves since she’s been unlucky in the love department and is still recovering from her messy divorce. Determined to get back out there and have a little fun, Penny wants to start looking for the man who will truly be the love of her life, but the hunky bouncer at her favorite bar keeps catching her eye... 
As a football coach and bouncer at the local watering hole, Thor’s always had pretty good luck with women. But he’s tired of that life, and wants to find that “something” that's been missing in all of his past relationships. And there’s no way a bar is the place to meet that special someone, right? Although lately, when Bryn and Mia and their newly-single, hot-assin, classy, and sassy friend Penny stop by for drinks, he’s been thinking maybe the bar is exactly the right place to be…
 Written with Stephanie Haefner’s signature sexy wit 
One Size Fits All is a perfect laughout-loud love story. 

Try Me on For Size - Book 1

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 A sexy, laugh-out-loud love story about a woman trying to save her failing lingerie business with a new product—“personal massagers” made to the specs of the spokesman of her choice! But when she falls for the first model she meets, how can she prove she’s his perfect fit?

 With their business in trouble, Mia and Bryn must pull out all the stops to save their shop. Things get sticky when Mia, owner of Classy ‘n’Sassy Lingerie, has to go on five blind “dates” to find the right model for the big marketing plan that will save the store. But they aren’t your ordinary blind dates. Mia has to test out the “goods” to find the perfect spokespenis—the model for Classy ‘n’Sassy’s newest line of lifelike dildos.

 Not realizing Mia is on a mission, Oliver Christensen approaches her in a bar and Mia mistakes him for model #1. Oliver decides to play along. But just how far is he willing to take this charade in order to get closer to Mia? And what happens if Mia’s Blind Date #1 turns out to be The One?

Stephanie Haefner is a wife, mother of two, and contemporary romance novelist from Buffalo, NY. Amember of Romance Writers of America and the Western New York Romance Writers subchapter, she loves creating sassy heroines and tossing them into sexy circumstances. When not writing, she celebrates her sassiness with dance and zumba classes, and her nerdiness with boybands and Disney World.


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Captain America : Civil War

I think we have been over what a huge Marvel fan I am already so it should go as no surprise that I saw this movie in the theater.  This is the newest in the Marvel franchise of movies involving The Avengers.  First thing I will prepare you for is the absence of The Hulk and Thor.  The characters do make reference to them throughout the movie.  There was a lot of publicity and media hype leading up to the release involving #TeamCap or #TeamIronman.  I landed firmly in the Ironman camp.  I can't help it. I love Tony Stark's ( Robert Downey Jr.) sarcastic behavior and comments.
The film opens with various Avengers doing different things since the fallout from their last battle.  They did save many people in the last battle but they left a lot of carnage behind and now society is starting to rethink the need for such super heroes.  This forces the government to come up with the Hero Registration Act.  This basically means the government will decide who and when they need to send The Avengers on missions.  Naturally this causes a huge rift between the team. Tony has ruined his relationship with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow-also not appearing in the movie) and been confronted by angry parents who lost loved ones due to actions of the team. He decides maybe it will be a good thing to sit back and let someone else call the shots for awhile and maybe the next time there won't be so many casualties.  Cap ( Chris Evans) disagrees. He  feels that once the government has a say things will go from bad to worse.  He doesn't feel the government will be able to protect the world as well.  Not only does this split the team in half but it also forces them to introduce some new Avengers.  The Black Widow is firmly on TeamCap and in doing so has landed on the opposite side from her friend Hawkeye ( Jeremy Renner).  We also meet The Black Panther at the summit to sign the Act into place (Chadwick Boseman).  Tony Stark gets a little more help from a very new, young man named Peter Parker aka Spider-Man ( Tom Holland). His team rounds out with Vision (Paul Bettany) and War Machine (Don Cheadle).
TeamCap consists of The Scarlet Witch ( Elizabeth Olsen), Hawkeye, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie).
The two teams end up fighting each other instead of the baddie. There was so much action in this movie it was fantastic.  The end leaves no doubt that the next installment will be just as awesome and of course, there were extra scenes at the end.


It's been a minute since I posted any reviews on my movie picks. Since I have some time between reading assignments at the moment, I thought I would mention some of the movies that I have watched lately. First up is Creed.  If I am being honest, I thought this movie would be stupid as Hell.
I kept thinking, "Why do we need yet another Rocky movie?".  Now don't get me wrong I love the Rocky franchise of movies. I actually even have them all on DVD. I refused to pay for a movie ticket and then be pissed off when it sucked. I picked up the blu-ray a few weeks back (see...I told you it's been a while since I posted about a movie pick) and it was one of our family movie night selections.

I have never been so happy to be wrong before.  I really liked this freaking movie!  I like watching Sylvester Stallone movies but much like Nicolas Cage, he is a 1 dimensional kind of actor.  I get it now. I kept seeing how he was being nominated for awards for his performance and man did he deserve it.  I don't want to give away the whole storyline but there are definately some spoilers on the way.

Flash forward roughly 24 or 25 years since Rocky's former foe-turned friend, Apollo Creed, died in the ring. Rocky has been retired for some time and is content, if lonely, running his restaurant and living in his beloved Philly.  A young up and coming boxer shows up and asks him all kinds of questions about Apollo and mentions that he wants to be the best so he needs Rocky to train him.  The kid his Adonis Johnson ( Michael B. Jordan).  He is the child of Apollo Creed and a mistress he had just before he died.  Adonis was born after Apollo's passing and so had no chance to meet his famous father.  He was found in the juvenile system when he was around 9 or 10 by Apollo's wife (played by Phylicia Rashad).  She knew all about him and wanted to raise him the way her husband would have.  She is not thrilled that he has decided to walk away from a very lucrative job to follow his dream to be a boxing legend like his Dad.
Rocky decides he owes it to Apollo to train his son and then everything just falls in place. There is a love interest, Bianca, played by Tessa Thompson.  She is popular, local singer trying to make it big on her own.  Adonis gains a lot of attention once word gets out that he is the son of  the great Apollo pressure  He gets an offer to fight the best boxer in the world ( played by Tony Bellew) and accepts so this is when the real training begins.  He moves in with Rocky and they become a family.  This was touching. I liked the way they deal with each other.  Along the way,  Rocky gets some bad news and finds out he has cancer and after losing his wife to the same disease, he decides against the treatments. Once Adonis finds out he begins to push Rocky to get better while Rocky pushes him to become the best. Hint: This is when Sly really shows how good of an actor he can be. I will not spoil the ending but I will tell you that we were all so into the boxing match it didn't even seem like we were watching a movie anymore.

This was a great movie. I truly enjoyed everything about it. It had a little something for everyone and it once again proved what an amazing director Sylvester Stallone is.

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Falcon Series by Geri Foster

Falcon Series
by Geri Foster
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Military Romance

Out of the Dark-Book 1

After a Russian mission goes south, Falcon Securities agent John "Mac" McKinsey is stranded with assassins on his trail. His boss arranges for him to hitch a ride with the corporate attorney Emily Richards, who is in Russia as a mediator.
Emily Richards wants only to return home then on to a peaceful vacation with her best friend. When armed men invade her hotel room minutes after Mac arrives, Emily is forced to depend on Mac to stay alive. Anger that Mac has entangled her in a life or death struggle quickly turns to fear when the men pursuing them call her by name.
Together Mac and Emily engage in a tumultuous ride to escape with their lives and capture a crazed bomber and a vindictive drug lord. More difficult is tearing down their own emotional walls. Can they succeed and admit love is the most precious thing in life?

My Thoughts on Book 1.....
I actually was given a code to get a complimentary copy of Out of the Dark to listen to. I got my copy from Audible and it is the first time I have reviewed an audiobook. I am an avid reader but sometimes I find myself reading the same genre for weeks at a time. This was a welcome departure from the last several regency romances I have been binge reading. It was a fast paced, thrilling story. There is a pretty good romance story here but it is so well mixed with the intrigue and danger that it is not the main focus. I do have to state here that I agreed to give an unbiased review and this was not one of the best military romances I have read. The main characters Emily and "Mac" are kinda cliche and borderline on cheesy. I actually liked the secondary characters a bit better. The story starts in Russia and ends in Texas which is pretty predictable. The ending was not my favorite at all. It was the worst....that being said I now find myself needing to read the next book to see if it gets any better. The writing style is pretty good. I am looking marginally forward to book 2. I plan to give this a 3 star rating on Goodreads.

Out of the Shadows-Book 2

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Geri Foster brings you the second book in the Falcon Securities series.
Falcon Securities agent Brody Hawke sees the world from a tilted angle. His best friend, A. J., who saved Brody's life, is captured and diplomats are getting nowhere in his rescue. Brody takes over even though he knows his impetuous actions will ruin his career. He is not willing to abandon his friend to torture in a Mexican jungle hacienda. What's Brody's plan? Kidnap a CIA agent and use her as bait.
CIA agent Kate Stone is fighting for her job and sanity after a failed attack in Iraq. She knows the truth is out there somewhere, but can't prove it. Her life is torn apart when Brody kidnaps her. When she and Brody reach A.J., they learn the situation is more serious and far-reaching than they'd imagined. Brody, Kate, and Falcon Securities must rescue A.J. and stop the assassination of the president of the United States.
Can Brody and Kate find true love in the mist of all the chaos? And can Brody accept what Kate revels about his past so he can finally reach out for a love of his own?

Out of the Night-Book 3

Falcon Securities Agent Tony Archuletta has lost his memory and a CIA operative is being held captive by a lethal group of terrorists out to destroy America. For Tony to pull off a mission this delicate and complex, he must have his memory as well as every weapon at his disposal.
Abby Williams is a reporter who happens to be at the wrong place at the right time. One of Falcon's agents is being held in the notorious Lubyanka Prison where experimental drugs were used to make him break under integration. The agent is a man Abby has a painful history with. A man who stole her heart and left her.
Can Tony and Abby race against time to save the CIA operative? Will Tony regain his memory only to learn that she is the only woman he'd ever loved and the only person he ever feared? Does love win this battle? Or do these two souls who are meant to be together take the safe road and part with just a handful of memories?

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Join 5 Amazing authors as they launch Ruth Cardello's Lone Star Kindle World! 

Casey Hagen, Desiree Holt, Judy Kentrus, N Kuhn and Stephanie Haefner

Heartstrings by

Casey Hagen

Ryan Ward is desperate to escape her soul-sucking life. Between catering to the work demands of her ambitious father, a popular Washington senator, and extricating herself from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Ryan yearns for the life of which she once dreamed: that of a country singer/songwriter. But how does one of Washington’s elite shed the slimy skin of politics for cowboy boots and a Taylor six-string? And can she do it incognito?

Slade McCall traded money for passion when he left his high six-figure income for a Texas ranch to indulge in his love of the land and, more importantly, his autistic young daughter. With an intractable ex-wife and ranch demands beating him down, the last thing Slade needs in his life is a troubled woman with a fading black eye, the voice of an angel, and a dubious past. But when need outweighs common sense, he hires the would-be country singer for a short stint of housework at the ranch.

Ryan and Slade know tangling their hearts is a bad idea—she has a past to escape and a dream to pursue, and he has a ranch to build and a daughter to protect. But they can’t deny their desires or their hearts, and as their love strengthens it is put to the test. Someone is intent on physical harm, and Slade’s ex is determined to reconcile. Will the pressures destroy what Ryan and Slade have started to build? Or will they follow the sounds . . . of their Heartstrings . . .

Taken by Surprise by Desiree Holt

Jessie Coford had a dream: work hard, save her money, open her own restaurant, get married. In short order her dreams disintegrated. She broke up with the man she’d fallen in love with, she lost her job, and her landlord gave her sixty days to move. She was left with empty dreams and a woefully small bank account. What’s a woman to do?

Jack Ward thought his life was on track: he was a detective in the Houston Police Department and he’d met the woman of his dreams. Then Fate dealt him two low blows: his woman broke up with him and he was wounded in a takedown. What’s a man to do.

When Jessie headed to Fort Mavis to claim the restaurant left to her by an unknown relative, the last person she expects to see is Jack now working as a sheriff’s deputy. The first time they see each other, shock waves shook the town. Could he get past the bitterness of the breakup? Could she realize sometimes goals have to change…for the better? It takes a near disaster for them to find the answer to that question.

Love on Tap by Judy Kentrus

Grayson Wolff was currently enjoying the success of the microbreweries he’d added to his family’s chain of roadhouses. Working and taking care of his nine-year-old nephew didn’t leave time in his life for a woman. That all changes when Malibu Barbie comes into the western style bar and orders a Pina Colada, with extra fruit.  With her California tan and white shorts she sticks out like a rose among a field of cacti.  He didn’t do one-night stands, plus he had too much going on in his life to get involved with a blond-haired bimbo. Causing a scandal was the last thing he needed. He was so close to achieving his personal goal, and no woman was going to mess it up.

Jennie Reynolds took this little vacation before she starts her new job.  Driving a U-Haul cross country was a challenge and she’d never received so many middle finger insults in her life. A hot dog motorcycle driver cut her off and she missed her exit. Now she was at some honky-tonk bar in the middle of Fort Mavis, Texas.  She was tired and annoyed, but the guy sitting next to her met numbers one through five on her, a-guy-must-have list: Long black hair, stone-gray eyes, tall, lean muscular body, and he was close to her age. Too bad she couldn’t stick around long enough for numbers six, seven and eight, great in bed.

Lone Star Escape by N Kuhn

Mara is in hiding. She has to testify against some dangerous men from her past, who the Feds have lost track of.
Beau is a PI who enjoys his quiet life. Until the sexy woman that moves in next door stirs things up unintentionally.
Can Beau keep Mara safe or does he put her in more danger than she already was in?

Broncos N Bouquets by Stephanie Haefner

Broncos and Bouquets

Laney Parker needs a fresh start and Fort Mavis seems like the perfect place to do it. She’s determined to work hard and make up for her mistakes, vowing not to repeat them. Easier said than done. How’s a girl supposed to concentrate when a hot cowboy keeps rescuing her and pestering her for a date?

Sawyer Williamson is damn good at taming wild horses, but apparently he’s far less competent when it comes to wooing the fairer sex. Or maybe it’s just Laney. He’s never felt this way about a woman before and he’s afraid he’ll screw it up. Or that his past will screw it up for him.

Both Laney and Sawyer have parts of their lives they’d rather not share, but nothing stays hidden forever. Can they prevent the past from interfering with their present?

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The Realm's Salvation Release Day!

Chasing Power

The Realm's Salvation

by Constance Phillips

Genre: Magical Realism/Fantasy Romance

This is the third book of a series, but it is a stand alone. It is not necessary to read the

other books to enjoy this story.

For Keiran Saysin, protecting the fairy population from humans is more than a job. It is

passion and his duty to the realm. Since Eero’s revolution failed—and the discovery of fairy

power lying dormant in some of the human population, that job hasn’t been easy. Now that

his sister and her husband are welcoming a set of twins, old enemies have come out of

hiding, hoping the children will a serve as a key to reclaiming what has been stripped from

Enter Annie Valentine, the genetic researcher Daniel’s mother has employed. Keiran knows

the smart thing to do is cast a spell and push the human away, but something about the way

she stands toe to toe and eye to eye has him forgetting that getting involved with a human

could cost him everything he values, including his power.

Book 1



Monique can control any human with a flirtatious smile and an attraction spell. Until she

meets Daniel Elliot, the only human who's immune to both.

After her parents' death and an unwanted proposal, fairy Monique seeks refuge in the

human world. Her brother has warned her of the dangers, but she believes hiding will be a

breeze. She can control any human with a flirtatious smile and an attraction spell. Until she

meets Daniel Elliot, the only human who's immune to both.

Can Monique's brother find her and bring her home before she falls victim to whoever is

Will the reason Daniel's fairyproof be too much for them to overcome?

Book 2

Council Courtship

When Tristan Ipsly becomes eligible to fill a vacated Council seat, he thinks his chances are

non-existent. Especially since he is the sole member to a house the fell to the revolution and

his contender Edwin Vettore is an elder from a house that adheres to Canon teachings.

If fairykind has a chance at survival, it will come on Tristan’s wings of change. Or so Quinn

Vettore believes. But voicing her support for Tristan will anger her grandfather, and he’s the

one man who can stand in the way of a courtship between Quinn and Tristan.

Will Edwin successfully keep both Quinn and the position out Tristan’s grasp, or will the

Council yield to change?

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Hollywood Stardust Series Review

I had never read anything by Kim Carmichael but when I saw this series being offered for review I was more than intrigued.  I mentioned in my post yesterday that the books in this series can be read as stand alone books and they absolutely can.  I wanted to read them  before the release of Idolized this summer. I was very surprised at how much I liked each of the stories.

Typecast takes place 20 years after the release of the movie Hollywood Stardust.  The movie featured 4 young actors who went on to become teen idols. The all grew up in the spotlight and responded very differently to the celebrity lifestyle.  Logan Alexander has tried to very successfully to fade into the background for the past 20 years but now he has to resurface to handle the press for the 20th anniversary of the movie.  Ivy Vermont has been obsessed with the movie her whole life not to mention her infactuation for Logan himself,  She has grown up in Hollywood so is no stranger to dealing with celebrities but something about being assigned to interview Logan has turned her whole world upside down.  The character Logan played in the movie was the villain or bad boy.  The more time these two spend together the more they realize they may be exactly what each other needs to move forward in their lives and find the happiness they deserve.  I don't want to give away any spoilers so I am just gonna stop there.  The chemistry between these two is very hot.  The only thing that tripped me up about this book was that it starts out reading like a playbook. I was a little confused by theis but once I realized what the author was doing I was hooked.

The second book in the series is Limelight.  This is the story of Drew Fulton, a  "good guy" in the Holly wood Stardust film and the leading love interest Erin Holland.  Drew and Erin were young when they were cast in the movie together and he fell hard for her.  It was not a happy ending and he did the only thing he knew how to do.  He disappeared from the Hollywood limelight and started a brand new life under a different name.  He has had the most successful departure since the film required him to wear all kinds of makeup and prosthetics during the movie.  The 20 year anniversary of the movie has made him realize how much he wants to be back out there front and center and just ow much he wants the girl that broke his heart back.  Erin  is not sure how to handle Drew showing up again in her life after all these years but she definately has strong emotions towards him.  They can barely keep their hands to themselves but both of them have to figure out if persuing a career or the love they walked away from is more important.  This book I liked even more than the first!

The next book that I read was Facade.  This was not about the movie from the other 2 but it is about the same type of celebrity stardom.  Erik Renevant had it all. He was lead singer to a super popular band, women loved him, and he was living it up basking in the limelight.  Then he suffers from a major accident that leaves him scarred physically and emotionally and he withdraws from society to avoid any comparisons to his former self.  Christine Day has wanted nothing more than to be a famous singer.  She finally gets a chance to work as a backup singer for a band that is entering the Stage of the Stars reality show competition and  is planning to use it as a way to launch her own career.  She meets Erik and the two of them discover a pretty steamy connection and realize that maybe they can help each other move out of the shadows.  The best part of this book.........I am a total theater geek and it is based on The Phantom of the Opera!  If you even have a mild idea of how the story goes you will be able to see the comparisons in this book.  It was very well written. I liked this one best of all.  It has a fairy tale like quality to it.  

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Hollywood Stardust by Kim Camichael

Hollywood Stardust
by Kim Carmichael


What's your fantasy?

Twenty years ago, the movie Hollywood Stardust defined a generation of teens and changed the four actors’ lives forever.
Typecast as the villain both in front and behind the silver screen, Logan Alexander has purposely allowed his star to fade. Now with the 20th Anniversary of the movie on the horizon, he is the only one fit to step into the spotlight, deal with the unwanted publicity, and make sure that things meant to be left on the cutting room floor remain there.
Ivy Vermont has always longed to be a leading lady, yet her paralyzing stage fright has relegated her to stay behind the scenes as a fact checker for’s entertainment webcasts. However, when her one-time poster-boy crush walks in to the studio demanding only she be in charge of his story, she knows she must take advantage of her big break.
Now, Logan tightropes between old loyalties and new love, while Ivy struggles to stay in reality with her ultimate fantasy.


Worth The Wait…  

Twenty years ago, Drew Fulton was made famous in the genre-changing movie, Hollywood Stardust and fell in love with his costar, Erin Holland. Left heartbroken and fed up, he played his ultimate role and walked away from his life, taking on an entirely new persona. Now he wants everything back, from his place in the limelight to the love that made him leave. He only needs to make sure he can leave the past in the past. 

Known as the spoiled, has-been star of Hollywood, Erin Holland has spent the last two decades pining away for the one love she cannot have. Blindsided when Drew Fulton appears in her life as mysteriously as he disappeared, she is torn between acting on her heart and using Drew’s reappearance to relight her star. 

Together for the first time in twenty years, their true passion consumes them, but the sparks of old wounds still threaten to burn out of control before they can decide if their love was worth waiting for. 

Limelight is a Hollywood Stardust novel. All books are stand alone, no cliff hangers, with their own central couple. They can be read in any order.

Coming July 30th

He has the fame but she has the fortune… 
The only word to accurately describe Ryder Scott’s life is charmed. A superstar on all counts, he gets everything he wants with a wink, a smile and a promise he never plans on fulfilling. With his sights set on having the movie he wrote produced, he takes the easy road and secures funding from the underbelly of society. The only issue is he used the money for other necessities including designer clothes and sports cars. Out of cash, he’s in trouble. 
Cold, calculated and conniving, Cora Caine is one of the youngest female Internet billionaires in history. Her success stems from hard work and a will of steel. Now she’s up for the position of CEO of Ultracom, but in order to earn her place, she must learn to be likable. Whoever said business was nice? 
When Ryder thrusts himself into Cora’s perfectly planned life and promises to help her get her dream job all for the small fee of paying for his movie, the offer seems made in negotiation heaven. She never considered he might be risking her life as well as her checkbook to his benefit. 
However, when their hearts enter their business deal, they find there may be things in life more important than being Idolized. 
Idolized is the third and final book in the Hollywood Stardust series. Each book is stand alone with their own central couple and no cliffhangers. 

Other Hollywood Stories
The world is nothing but one big façade. You have to be special to see the behind the mask. 

Erik Renevant once lived in the spotlight. As lead singer for the wildly successful group, Specter the world revered him. When an accident destroyed his band and his face, he chose to live his life in the darkness, hiding away from the shadows of his former self and refusing to be seen again. 

Christine Day longs to have her chance in the spotlight. Living her life flitting from one thing to the other and currently without a permanent residence, she sees her big break in becoming the backup singer for an unknown band and entering the Stage of Stars, the latest hit reality competition. 

When Christine wanders into Erik’s perfectly controlled world and he hears her voice, he knows she is destined for super stardom. However, he never dreamed she would be the one to help him shatter his own façade and lead him into the light. 

Façade is inspired by the beloved story of the Phantom of the Opera and is a combination of all the different incarnations.

On the Dotted Line

A signature can change everything… 

Rather than silver, Randolph Van Ayers III was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and plenty of strings attached. Faced with a list of specific goals he must achieve in order to earn control of his family’s banking empire, he’s accomplished each task and triumphed. One item remains on his list. He must marry by his thirty-third birthday and stay married for one year. However, when his so-called fiancée leaves him on the courtroom steps only hours before his deadline, he realizes he might lose for the first time in his life, and a Van Ayers never fails. 

Taught to rely on the universe for answers, Willow Day has always struggled in the material world, specifically her lack of material. With her small holistic store near foreclosure and without a home, she must do anything within her power to make the business work and take care of the woman who raised her. When the rude, yet gorgeous, Randolph the Third offers to fix all her troubles in exchange for one year of her life, she opens her mind and takes a chance. 

On The Dotted Line is a full-length (90,000 + Words) stand alone novel 

It’s the battle of the mystical over the money. Between a hidden pet who looks more like a cotton ball, performance artists with wings, and a woman who spouts advice like a living fortune cookie, everything from restaurant reservations to a trip to celebrate the winter solstice create clashes for the couple as they learn how to fit into each other’s worlds. 

With both their futures at stake, they must learn to accept reality, what the fates have dealt them and the consequences of falling in love from the moment they decided to sign on the dotted line. 

Hollywood Stardust-Supporting Roles

Some girls only want to have fun. 

Giselle Abromowitz lives her life with two simple rules. 1. Have fun. 2. Defer to rule number one. She does what she wants when she wants, and when things get too complicated she moves on to happier, more casual pastures. 

As the older brother to Hollywood star, Logan Alexander, Wilson Alexander has played the role of pacifier, parent and protector. With the opening of his club it is his time to step in to the spotlight and make his own life. 

When Giselle stumbles into Wilson’s regimented life and takes over, Wilson knows he found the missing piece of his life, now he only needs to convince his lady love that fun and love can coexist.