Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spontaneous by AAron Starmer- Review

**I received a copy of this from First to Read in exchange for my honest review.****
This is maybe one of the shortest reviews I have ever posted but.... I really don't have much to say.
I reviewed the book because it is always good to read something a little different from time to time.  The basis of the book is that teenagers start randomly exploding in a small NJ town.  I thought it sounded a bit morbid but also extremely funny.  I did not really enjoy this book.  It is pretty graphic with the language and gore which was not a deal breaker in itself. The humor was just a little to dark for me.  The main character, Mara, is pretty smart but also very sarcastic.  There is an FBI agent who comes to town to see why all this is happening but just ends up being very annoying.  I did kind of like that the president had such a "colorful" vocabulary.  This is a YA book that I feel would be more enjoyed by teens and early 20 somethings or just people who like the gory.

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