Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review and Fun Facts: Between You and I by Beth D. Carter

Between You and I
By Beth D. Carter
Genre: May-December Contemporary Erotica Romance


A broken engagement left Madeline Shawl feeling like a shattered woman. When she meets Hunter Calegari, he seems to be the perfect man for some friends-with-benefits action. But when the easy affair turns into something more, it threatens her comfortable grief. 

The passion of the younger man nearly infects her until Hunter tries to articulate it with the three words she refuses to hear. When she pushes him away, wounding his heart, she finds her own broken all over again. 
Still, Madeline struggles to leave the past and accept that when Hunter said, "I love you," he wasn't just speaking for himself.

My Thoughts:

Thank you to Beth D. Carter, NK Blog Tours, and Evernight Publishing for the chance to review this ARC copy. (Just wanted to put that out there). I thought the storyline was very good. Madeline has been single for a very long time when her friends "not so subtly" set her up with Hunter under the guise that they have birthdays pretty close together so why not share a party. The chemistry is explosive from the first horribly off key Karaoke session to the ice rink "teaching" lesson. Madeline has a lot of heartache and issues from a previous relationship to work through before she can let down her guard enough to fall in love with the younger and very sexy Hunter. Once I started reading I couldn't put my kindle down. I did get the smallest bit aggravated with Madeline for taking so long to realize what a good thing she had in front of her. I would absolutely read more from Ms. Carter anytime.

Fun Facts:

1) I co-wrote a country song with my ex-boyfriend (Gis Johannsson) titled “Don’t Talk About Luv” that’s on his second album, Native Son.

2) I attended the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2001 and walked down the red carpet.

3) I’ve sat on David Prowse’s lap. (High Five if you know who he played!)

4) My middle name, Delene, is my Aunt Terry’s middle name, even though my mom swears she had never heard the name before.

5) I once had my motorcycle license and co-owned a red Harley shovelhead. I rode in the Race to the Wall, which was in honor of Vietnam Veterans.  

6) I was born in Kirk Army Hospital, Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, when my mother (who was 3 weeks overdue) decided to take a road trip across the States because she wanted me to be born in Dover, Delaware.  (She didn’t make her goal)

7) I graduated from the same high school my mother graduated from 25 years before me.

8) I never went to my own Prom.  

9) I used to work Star Trek conventions and got the chance to explore the Star Trek Voyager set during the episode "Vis à Vis".

10) I’ve traveled from Dover England to Calais by both ferry and Eurotunnel.

11) I’ve visited New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Monoco, Spain, and the Vatican.

12) My favorite food is seafood.  Every and all kinds, even seaweed.
13). The park that the hero, Hunter, plays inline skating is based on a real park in Henderson, NV.

14). I dreamed up Madeline as I recovered from my hysterectomy surgery.  I wanted a way to channel my emotions of dealing with endometriosis in a positive way.

15). Madeline’s best friend, Lacey, is based off my best friend, Lark.

16). The signature song for Between You and I is “You & I” by One Direction.

17). The ending is actually the second ending.  The first ending had Lacey dealing with being pregnant, but then I realized that wasn’t the issue that needed to be resolved.

18). Madeline’s favorite hockey teams are mine: The Flyers, The Kings, and The Blues. (until hockey starts up in Vegas, then that’ll be my team!)

19). I wanted Madeline’s epiphany to be organic, a natural extension of herself that was so minute that she almost missed it.  So I used a cup of tea.  Totally inconsequential but the perfect device for her breakthrough moment.

20). I like to set my books in places I’ve been or lived.  When people think of Vegas, they don’t equate it with a population of over two million people.

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