Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mary and Vincent Price's Come into the Kitchen Cook Book

I love learning new recipes and if they happen to be from celebrities that is even better.  Vincent Price was an amazing actor and clearly a pretty awesome cook. He and his wife Mary looked forward to cooking for family and friends and considering the recipes in this book, I'd say they were pretty popular.  I love that the introduction is by their daughter Victoria. The dishes come from all different eras in American cuisine.  My Grandmother had this book when it originally was released in the 60's and I always remember trying to take it off her shelf and look at it but it was like a prized possession. The recipes are delicious and this new updated intro gives the reader a peek into what it was like growing up with celebrity parents at that time.  There are pictures not only of the food but also of different kitchens in different eras.  This cookbook isn't just meant to sit on the counter, it's meant to be a conversation starter.

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