Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

I have found another new favorite author!  I love all kinds of books but romance always seems to be the genre I keep coming back to.  It is a pretty serious love/hate relationship.  I love the idea of a good LOVE story but I HATE when it's not entertaining. Hot and steamy or sad yet beautiful stories are wonderful but the best kind are the ones that make me laugh.  This book had me spitting my soda everywhere ( sorry to my friend who lent me the book....I may owe you a new one).  I love Alice Clayton and Carly Phillips because no matter what the story is about you are guaranteed to love it and laugh a bit.  Ms. Chase does not disappoint at all.

This is essentially a Cinderella-type story but not like anything else I ever read.  Nicholas Arthur Fredrick Edward Pembroke is the Crowned Prince of Wessco.  His fans call him "His Royal Hotness" ( see pic above as it is spot on accurate to the description in the book).  He is gorgeous, intelligent, witty, pervy, and a bit of a jerk.  He is perfect!  His grandmother, The Queen, has decided it is time to unify the country and boost moral and the best way to do that is a royal wedding, naturally.  She gives Nicholas 5 months to find a suitable bride and then sends him to NYC to find his little brother and bring him home to deal with the fallout from all his current partying.  Nicholas and his best friend wander into a coffee shop and stumble upon Olivia Hammond.  It doesn't take long for the first of many indecent proposals and witty banter to appear.

Oliva Hammond has been living a very uneventful and stressful life.  Her mother passed away unexpectedly years before and left Livvy to finish raising her little sister Ellie, taking care of their Dad and keeping the family coffee shop afloat.  She is so focused on taking care of everyone else that she forgot she deserves to be taken care of too.  The night Nicholas walks in changes her entire life, even before she knows he is royalty.   She just sees the man behind the image and responsibilities. She loves what she sees.

The story is told from both POV.  Sometimes this just gets confusing but not in this book. The individual voices of each character are so clear that I swear I could hear them in my head like I was watching a movie. Complete with their respective accents.  I was hooked from page one.  One of my favorite banter scenes.....
"What's your name? I don't know if I asked before?"
"You didn't.  And it's Liv."
"That'a an odd name. Were you ill as a baby? I mean, is live what your parents were hoping you'd do or did they just not like you?"

This is book 1 in a new series with the 2nd and 3rd scheduled for release in February and June.  Who is gonna preorder?  Oh yes, this girl right here.  FYI: I totally gave this 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon.

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