Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life.....

Winter has finally decided to show up here in Western New York and that is when I get all my best reading and watching done.  I love when it snows for all of 3.2 seconds and then I retreat indoors with a glass of wine ( Chocolate Lab wine is the shit) or hot cocoa and curl up to binge watch stuff on TV or read.  I used Thanksgiving weekend to get started and the first thing I watched was the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.  I had a mild obsession with the Gilmore Girls back in the day. OK, so maybe I watched every single episode the same as I did with Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill.   The UP network actually ran a marathon the whole week leading up to the premier on Netflix.  It was awesome! 24 hours of Rory and Lorelei.   I had forgotten just how many actors from that show went on to amazing careers ( Melissa McCarthy, Milo Ventimiglio, and let's not forget Jared Padelicki).

I loved that this revival became a thing.  I watched all the episodes ( 4 @ 90 minutes) and I was just left angry.  By now most people will be aware of the dirty trick played on us with the cliff hanger ending.  I am NOT a happy camper.  I also felt like the fact that Rory was in London the first 5 minutes of an episode then would 3 minutes later be walking into  Luke's Diner was very confusing.  I just felt like it was to much info to take in.  I really wish it had been like an entire season or at least maybe a couple more episodes.

My advice... watch because..hello it's still the freaking Gilmore Girls just don't say I didn't warn you.


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