Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bringing the Tarot to Life by Scott Martin

****I was granted an ARC of this book through NetGalley but any review or opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.****

I have always been drawn to things like palmistry, psychic readings, and tarot cards but I have  limited experience with having any of these done.  There is something so appealing to me about " having your cards read" but I have never gone anywhere to pursue this.  My daughter and I love all things like this and have looked at buying a deck of tarot cards and teaching ourselves.  I have yet to cave but she did about 3 weeks before I was sent this book.  Talk about your timing right?

This book is good for new and experienced tarot users alike.  However, it focuses more on how to incorporate the cards in the deck into theater games.  I was in drama club all through Jr. High and HS so I thought this was a perfect sort of twist. The book is broken up into 3  major sections.  Section one deals with using the cards in a form of journal exercises. I really enjoyed the questionnaires listed to help the reader imagine what type of character each card would translate to in human form.  It made the deck seem less intimidating.  Section 2 is filled with various tarot theater games.  I will be honest by this point my interest was starting to wane.  I just felt like there was too much going on and it got a little dry for me.  Section 3 is all about the card meanings.  This is the section I liked most.  The illustrations were very beautiful and the descriptions helped make the cards more understandable especially in the case of what it might represent in a reading.

Overall I only gave this 3 stars because I felt that it was pretty uninspiring until the last part of the book when the cards themselves were covered in more detail.  However, I absolutely believe that the exercises in this book would greatly benefit a drama club on any level.  It was entertaining trying to pick a card and write a detailed description of it including everything from what kind of voice it had to what it might ask for if granted 3 wishes.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon and also find my review as well as others there and also on Goodreads.

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