Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gilded Cage by Vic James


**I requested an ARC copy from NetGalley and the following is my honest, unbiased opinion.

This is a difficult book to categorize.  I would say it has a political, futuristic, supernatural type of vibe.  Each chapter is more or less from a different character's perspective and honestly, I was not sure what was happening the first few chapters.  The reviews and descriptions of the story list Abi as the man character but really I feel like it is Luke.  Luke, Abi, and Daisy are all siblings that are being forced to participate in their " Slave days".  Slave days are something that every commoner must participate in during their lives at some point that lasts for 10 years.  The " Equals" are the elite few that have skill or are part of a family that has skill.  Skill comes in all forms and can be anything from mind control to self healing.  Abi is the oldest and is set on attending medical school but her parents have decided that Abi, her younger brother Luke, and her 10 year old sister Daisy will all begin their slave days together as a family on the biggest mansion known as Kyneston.  Then just as the day arrives to begin the sentence a last minute decision leads Luke to being sent to Millmore instead of where the rest of the family is going.

Millmore is a glorified concentration camp.  He spends his days waiting for  Abi to come up with some sort of way to get him transferred.  After a few months he becomes part of a secret club that begins to riot.  Abi, meanwhile has been trying to get Luke with the rest of them and has also developed feelings for one of the equals who does not have any skill.  Her sister Daisy begins to idolize the main heir Gavar while her job is to take care of his daughter. The 3 siblings are all making the best of their situations when tragedy strikes and Luke ends up at Kyneston with the rest of his family although he is not entirely sure how this happens. Then the rest of the story is filled but political moves and confusion as to who is friend and who is foe.

Overall I enjoyed this book.  I am most certainly going to read the second book as soon as it is available since the cliff hanger in this one has peeked my interest for sure.  The beginning of the book is confusing but if you stick it out things start to fall in place and a pretty decent story unfolds.

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