Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Welcome to this week's pick of " What to Watch Wednesday".  This is a little different than I planned on it being.  I was glued to this new series on the CW every single week.  I remember growing up reading the classic Archie comics and I loved them.  Turns out that this new series is nothing at all like the comics and yet it's simply perfection!  The cast is filled with lots of new and rising stars as well as a few familiar faces.  Luke Perry returns as Fred Andrews aka Archie's Dad.  Mädchen Amick stars as Alice Cooper or Betty's Mom. Robin Givens as Mayor McCoy aka Josie's Mom and Skeet Ulrich as FP Jones aka Jughead's dear old Dad.

The series opens with the murder of Jason Blossom.  The town of Riverdale is anything but peaceful and serene.  The show takes a dark look into small town secrets and how everything and everyone is connected in some twisted and sometimes unexpected ways. I could not get enough of this show. I can't even wait for the new season because the cliff hanger ending had me feeling some type of way. Here's where it gets unexpected.....Netflix has the entire first season available to binge right now.  Don't delay it will makes the perfect show to watch over the upcoming long weekend.

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