Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Bra Book by Jene` Luciani

Happy Thursday!  This is one of the many books I have been reading lately.  The title of the book alone peaked my interest and as a woman with rather large mammary glands I am always on the lookout for any assistance I can get to wrangle them in.  I swear I can remember being 12 and super jealous of my friends who had already started developing.  Let me tell you, that changed pretty rapidly over the course of that year lol.  I have spent so much money and time on trying to find the right bra.  I was a solid 38C all through  college and then as soon as I got pregnant with my child those days of cute bras from Vickie's sailed away forever.  I have been in double digits since and no matter what I do it seems like no bra ever fits like it should. You know what I mean. There is always the one that cuts off circulation to your rib cage but was supposed to be a minimizing one. Let's not forget the one that turns your breasts into mini torpedoes. Oh, and my personal favorite, is the one that has too much padding and is cut so low in the front that you end up with 4 boobs instead of two perky ones.  Seriously, I can probably count on 1 hand how many proper fitting bras I have owned as an adult.  Sad, right?  I bet I am not the only one.

This is the 2nd edition of a book originally published in 2009.  If the author's name seems familiar to you then you have probably seen her on the Dr. Oz show. She is also a fashion expert.  I recommend all women read this book. I learned so much from Ms. Luciani.  Who knew I have been putting my bra on wrong almost everyday?! There are some pretty serious facts and stats in the book as well.  She doesn't stop with bras either, she covers shape wear (ie: the dreaded Spanx) and swimwear.  I was able to even share some tips with my girls.  The writing in the book is engaging and entertaining.  It's like having a brunch with your besties and discussing just how awful bra shopping can be.  My favorite take away is the fact that spending a fair amount of money on a bra that fits perfectly should be as natural as spending good money on a reliable and decent vehicle not just buying the first cheap car I find.  This is for real a life altering ride for women.

The 2nd edition was released on April 18, 2017.
ISBN: 9781944648329
Buy Now:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bookstore
Cost: approx. $19.99 (USD) in paperback

**This is an ARC that was provided by NetGalley and BenBella Books.  Thank you very much.  The opinions expressed in the following review are my own honest and unbiased thoughts.**

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