Thursday, June 22, 2017

5 Reasons Why the Wonder Woman Film is a Must See

                                      ***Trailer courtesy of Regal Cinemas and YouTube***

Yes! Yes! Yes! I saw Wonder Woman and I will never be the same.  This is hands down one of the best movies I have seen in forever. I know there are like a million reviews out there on this film so I will not bore you with another one. However, I will break down the things I loved most about it.

1. I love that it opens with Diana having a slightly jaded view of humans in the aftermath of Batman vs. Superman.  She is in Paris in the opening scene and there is an truck clearly labeled Wayne Industries. She then opens a letter from Bruce that includes the very same pic she was trying to steal from him in that movie.

2. Diana is the only child on the island of Themyscira. Her mother reads her a bedtime story that was awesome!! It explained the relationship between the Gods and the Amazons. It also featured a pretty bad ass fight scene of her mother Hippolyta (played perfectly by Connie Nielsen).

3.The fight scenes were AMAZING!!! They go into slow motion at the perfect time and are just breathtaking.

4. Chris Pine is so funny which was an unexpected bonus. I can't imagine a better pick for Steve.  The love story between Diana and Steve is handled very well. It's not the main focus of the movie and their roles are reversed since he is always trying to keep Diana from harm and she is always rushing forward into battle.  

5. Speaking of battle, one of the most powerful scenes in the film to me is when Diana is taken to the front of the war line in her search for Ares. Her and her band of soldiers (a very diverse group of men) are walking through the trenches and she is stopped by a woman and begged to find her family and the rest of the village that have been trapped across the line by enemy forces and free them. She is told by Steve that it is called "No Man's Land" and they will never be able to cross through with out dying.  Diana immediately removes her coat and is in full battle gear.  She grabs her shield and sword and charges forward without a second thought.  She inspires everyone else to follow her and it is fantastic.

There are so many reasons to watch and love this film but if I list them all we would be here for hours and there would be some serious spoiler alerts.  Hats off to Patty Jenkins for bringing us the first female action hero movie. I can hardly wait to see Wonder Woman in action yet again in the Justice League movie. Way to step up your game DC. Marvel may be getting a serious run for their money.

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  1. Great movie, so different from what DC has been giving us for awhile.