Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Netflix Original: Girlboss

                                          ******Courtesy of YouTube and Netflix*******

This is my pick for "What to Watch Wednesday".  It is a full season but each episode only runs about 25-30 minutes long.  I will admit I had only a vague notion of  Sophia Amoruso prior to this show. It's based very loosely on her life ( so it says at the beginning of each episode).  I loved everything about it but this is NOT kid friendly. I repeat NOT kid friendly. There is a lot of filthy and yet wonderful language flying around not to mention the sex scenes and drug use. It is super entertaining though.  I didn't like the main character periodically just because she was pretty nasty and mean at times. I believe the message behind it is to show what a struggle Sophia ( as a young woman of 22) went through trying to find her calling in life and achieving it but this is sometimes a bit overlooked in my opinion.  I actually did Google her afterward because...duh, why wouldn't you?  She published a memoir called #Girlboss that tells all about her founding her eBay store Nasty Gal. I must read it now because Netflix has canceled the show and her comment regarding it implied that she would rather have control over the facts of her career and life anyways.  I am unsure how much is true or false in the series but you will absolutely be glued to the screen. I can definitely appreciate any woman trying to become a self-made business mogul. I am sad that the show has been canceled because there is so much more to the story that the viewers will not get to see.

Side note: Nasty Gal filed bankruptcy in 2016 and was sold to a British company but that didn't slow Amoruso down. She is now the founder and CEO of Girlboss Media

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