Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nuts ( Hudson Valley #1) by Alice Clayton

I have been holding off posting a review for this one simply because I wanted to read all the books in the series first.  I can't wait any longer. You may have read some of my earlier posts on the Wallbanger series and the Redhead series by Alice Clayton.  I freaking love her books. I know the second I pick one up that it will be hysterical, sexy, and have the perfect amount of smuttiness. This is book 1 in her new Hudson Valley series.  It did not disappoint at all.

Roxie Callahan ( a character that appeared in the Redhead series) has been a private chef in Hollywood catering to some pretty famous people.  She is constantly re-vamping recipes to fit in with her clients various eating habits which makes her love cooking that much more for those clients that eat real food.  Her mother calls out of the blue one day to inform her that she needs to come home and run the family dinner.  Mom and her sister are picked to be on a reality show and so they will be gone for several months. Roxie is stuck because she loves what she does even when she can barely make ends meet but needless to say her family loyalty (with help from an unfortunate, career ending dairy incident) wins out in the end.  She moves back home to upstate New York to her small town where nothing exciting happens and everyone knows you. The only good thing she can see about the move is that she will at least be close to her best friends again.

Enter Leo Maxwell and his gorgeous farmer self.  The minute he walks into her diner carrying a basket full of walnuts Roxie knows she is a goner.  The sparks fly and witty, sexy banter starts flowing.  Leo is part of the farm to table movement and is helping Roxie realize maybe there really is no place like home.  Naturally Leo comes with a little baggage and a tall, dark, broody, hot friend who runs the neighboring dairy farm. Hint: He is one of the main characters in book 2. Leo is everything you want in a sexy farmer.

Naturally, I loved this book.  I will warn you though. I laughed out loud so many times that I actually had tears running down my face at one point. I will also warn you that the food mentioned throughout this book had me starving and.....I ended up planning a visit to upstate New York myself to tour one of the many farms supporting the food to table movement. I did not run into any farmers quite like Leo but it was an amazing time for the whole family.

In case you are wondering, this was a 5 star rating for me on Goodreads.

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