Monday, July 24, 2017

5 Things I Love About Spider-Man: Homecoming

                                        ***Clip courtesy of YouTube and Marvel Studios***

Oh Monday, how I despise you. I am feeling fairly sluggish today.  It is Monday and it's very rainy here but I need to talk about my feelings on Spider-Man have changed drastically. I have seen all the movies made about Spider-Man and I really liked Andrew Garfield's version so I was positive I would hate this new reboot. Now all of a sudden we have a relatively unknown guy playing him and he actually is high school age, It just seemed confusing to make him a teenager while all the members of the Justice League he idolizes are adults. I will admit to finding his appearance in Captain America: Civil War pretty entertaining. I just wasn't sure I wanted to watch a whole movie abut him. I WAS SO WRONG! I loved it and here are my reasons why:

1. The opening sequence where they roll the Marvel Studios logo out is all new and updated. It shows all the characters in the Marvel Universe including Black Panther and other newer characters in their live action form instead of in their comic book version.

2. Tom Holland makes a really perfect teenage Spider-Man. Spoiler: The movie opens to show the viewer that Peter was videotaping his stint with the Avengers. In fact Happy is driving him around and yelling at him not to record anything. It is such a teenage thing to do these days. He films himself all through the movie and it is very funny.

3.The evolution of the suit throughout the movie. There are a couple of versions in the movie thanks to Tony Stark. He gives Peter a new suit that he has trouble figuring out but it comes equip with his very own "Suit Lady" guide. (See clip above)

4. The girl Peter is crushing on is NOT Mary Jane. It was a nice surprise not seeing him fawn over MJ until the end where you realize the error of your mistake. Watch the movie and I promise that will make perfect sense.

5. Michael Keaton as the bad guy. He is one of my favorite actors. I just watched him in the movie The Founder ( about how he "founded" McDonald's- He made me not want to eat there again just because he was not a nice man). He was a pretty awful guy in that movie. Well, at least I thought he was but it was nothing compared to how bad he was in his role as Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture.

True to Marvel fashion there are 2 extra credit scenes but only one of them foreshadows what is to come.  I really, really liked this movie so much. It had just the right blend of humor, action, and teenage angst.

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