Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Shakespeare Will Never Be The Same!

I mentioned in a previous post that TNT was debuting a new series called Will.  It is a modernized version of William Shakespeare's life in his early 20's. There is not much known about his life prior to him becoming the famous playwright we've all heard of.  I have read several reviews that were less than kind. I personally loved everything about it. The music is punk/rock and so obviously not what would have been heard in the 16th century in London but I love the extra edge that it adds. I know so many people are going to pick apart every little thing about this series that doesn't seem historically accurate but it is too much fun for all that.

Spoiler Alert:
The series is meant to show how Will (Laurie Davidson) leaves his wife and 3 young children to move to London to make his fortune as the next famous playwright. He comes from a very strict Catholic family at a time when members of this religion are being hunted down. He is mugged almost immediately by a street rat but none the less he manages to find a job working at a theater run by James Burbage (Colm Meaney).  It is in this theater that he meets Alice and Richard Burbage who he clicks with right off the bat as well as Christopher Marlowe (Jamie Campbell Bower).  Marlowe is also a playwright, a spy, and Will's greatest rival.

The first 2 episodes played back to back on Monday night and I can't wait for the next one.  The series is 10 episodes long and it is rated for mature audiences.

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