Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Newest Foodie Book Addiction

 So this literally fell off the shelf of new releases in front of me in the library yesterday.  I was just browsing the shelves looking at what was new thinking to myself how very hungry I was when ....bam...there this was.  My photo of the cover does not do it justice but I really like how the background is black so that the plate of food is the focus.  I opened it up and omg the pictures inside are so gorgeously mouthwatering that I literally wanted to eat everything in it.  I mean just look at the picture below. How can you not want to stuff your face with such deliciousness?  The foreword is by Mario Batali which in itself speaks volumes as to the quality of the book.  It is broken up into 8 chapters ranging from drinks to "The Morning After" recipes.  Those were my favorites because I have absolutely been the person craving some super amazing food after a night of dancing and drinking.  The first recipe I am making....Bacon-and- Gravy Mac and Cheese.

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