Monday, November 6, 2017

Why Did I Wait So Long to Watch Stranger Things?

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I have a confession.  Last year all my friends were going on and on about this new Netflix Original called Stranger Things.  My family and I started the first episode and within 20 minutes the boyfriend and the teenager both abandoned me.  I also stopped paying attention halfway through.  Why? WTF was I thinking?!  I threatened to watch it over the summer and never did but then all this hype started happening about the upcoming 2nd season and it really got my attention.  I put my foot down and last week we watched it.  I timed it to match up with the premier of Stranger Things 2 so we could binge watch all the episodes.  We were obviously all in the right mindset because we ALL loved this show.  It was so hard to turn off the TV each night during the week because we just had so many questions and desperately needed to know how it all turned out.

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 This past Friday night we binged all of season 2.  I LOVED IT ALL!! The characters all went through a growth process a bit since it starts almost exactly 1 year from when all the stuff went down in the first season.  I was super happy to see Eleven change and grow.  The new characters were a nice addition as well.  I wish I could go into detail but since many of you may not have seen this awesome show yet, I will not.  Just go watch it since as far as I'm concerned this is absolutely a 5/5 for me.

My Version of An Overview:

The show is set in the early 80's (very authentic setting and props) in Hawkins, Indiana.  A young boy goes missing under suspicious circumstances around the same time a whole lot of supernatural things start happening.  A strange girl shows up in town at the same time and she has some pretty unusual abilities.  The whole first season is based on keeping the girl safe and searching for what really happened to the missing boy.  There is also a super bad government conspiracy happening with the whole thing.
Season 2 picks up around the anniversary of when everything went crazy in the first season.  This season centers around the characters trying to figure out a new problem involving one of the main characters and finding a way to stop the awful creature tormenting everyone from spreading all over the town and killing everything. It also revolves around Eleven and her personal journey to find out who she really is and where she belongs. There are still more bad government people involved. This season is even darker than the first but it is just as amazing.

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