Friday, December 29, 2017

Daring Widow- Book 2 in Those Notorious Americans series by Cerise DeLand

**I was fortunate enough to be picked to receive a copy of this ARC by Cerise DeLand. All opinions expressed below are my own honest thoughts.****

This is such a great read.  Marianne Roland is an American that has been widowed at a very early age and has spent her adult life caring for her cousins and working as a nurse during the war.  She longs for adventure and the ability to just be an artist.  Her famous uncle has decided to move the family to London to allow his daughter and son the chance to meet eligible partners during the upcoming Season. Marianne and her cousin Lily manage to sneak away to a cabaret while visiting in Paris. This is the first time that Marianne and Monsieur le Duc de Remy meet.  Remy is not only royalty but he is also a famous artist and what begins is a fantastic romance. Marianne grows and changes quite a bit through the story and it was really amazing to see.  The historical touches in this book are right in keeping with what I would imagine the late 1800s to be like both in America and abroad. Now it just leaves me wondering who the characters in Book 3 will be.

This book was released on December 1, 2017 and you can find the Kindle version like I have for around $3.99 or the paperback version for around $13.99 on Amazon. I have read several of Ms. DeLand's other books and highly recommend checking her stuff out.