Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Something Borrowed by Lena Hart

Something Borrowed (Brides of Cedar Bend Book 3) by [Hart, Lena]

Resident bad boy Jackson Matoa is not very good at expressing his feelings. Especially when those feelings include an inexplicable desire toward his brother’s widow. And if the blow from his young brother’s death wasn’t enough to break him, the guilt of his unwavering lust for his sister-in-law just might...

Despite her best efforts, Truth Richards can’t seem to make sense of her feelings for her insufferable brother-in-law. She’s certainly not willing to admit just how deep those feelings run. With one phone call, Truth finds herself returning to Cedar Bend and forcing her way back into Jackson’s life.

Yet with the pain of their loss still fresh, can these two broken hearts borrow each other’s strength to find happiness with each other? Or will their guilt and grief push them further apart?

***This review is from an ARC of the book but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own honest ones.***

My Thoughts:

This is book 3 in the "Brides of Cedar Bend" series.  I have read all 3 books in the series and each was is better than the last.  Today is the release date of this newest addition and I just fell in love with these characters.  First of all I have a thing with the tall, handsome, broody type and Jackson is the perfect example of this type of guy.  He has a heart of gold and loves his brother Danny more than life itself. The meeting between Truth and Jackson is as unfortunate as it is steamy.  Danny may have neglected to mention he was married to Truth and Jackson thought she was just a groupie.  Flash forward to an awkward beginning of a good friendship and just as things are starting to get normal there's an accident and Jackson and Truth find themselves grieving.  Neither person knows quite how to deal with the death of Danny so they end letting a year go by with no contact. 1 drunken call later and we have a truly great love story.

Happy release day Ms. Lena!!!! 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

To The Duke, With Love

I enjoyed this book immensely. The characters are charming and entertaining as is the plot. The notorious rakes of St. James have returned in this second book. The Duke of Hawksthorn is trying to find the perfect gentleman for his sister to marry before the Season. This is where Loretta Quick and her brother come into the picture. The Duke has done his research and knows that his sister and Mr. Quick will be perfect for each other ...he just has to convince his sister Loretta to get on board. Loretta ran away from her own arranged marriage and as such is in no rush to encourage her brother to marry for anything other than love. The sparks fly between Loretta and the Duke and what ensues is a lovely romantic story. I loved the witty banter between thew characters and even laughed out loud a few times.
***This was an ARC for me but all opinions are my own honest ones.***

The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin

***This book was provided for free through NetGalley. My review and any opinion I may give of this book is completely honest.***


Sweet Revenge Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies : My Review

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***This book was provided for free through NetGalley. My review and any opinion I may give of this book is completely honest.***


50+ killer cakes, cookies, and candies for your exes and enemies. Dumped by your beefcake boyfriend? BFF steal your one-and-only? Lab partner a more-than-periodic no-show?  Don’t take these battles online. (Seriously, don’t do that, okay?). Get out your heaviest rolling pins, sharpest cleavers, and most blistering torches, and kill your enemies and exes . . . with kindness. That’s right – bake that loser ex a pan of Go Fudge Yourself. Gift your former friend a You’re the Devil Cake. And give that annoying admirer a Donut Call Me Again. Let them taste your over-them happiness and see what comes next . . . Pastry chef and tattoo artist Heather Kim serves up sinfully delicious recipes and bittersweet advice.

About the AuthorHeather Kim is a pastry chef, painter, and tattoo artist at MPLS Tattoo, an all-female owned and operated parlour. Her deliciously unconventional desserts have been praised by the Star Tribune, Minnesota Monthly, and Eater. She lives in Minneapolis, with the loves of her life—her college sweetheart, Scottie, and their Schnauzers, Max & Nietzsche.

My Thoughts:

I was immediately drawn to this book by the book cover. I can't help it. I am slightly superficial when picking books.  Then I read the title and new I had to have a copy of this book.  I would like to think that I have ended any situations with my exes on pretty good terms but the humor of baking revenge desserts was too much for me to ignore.  The book is broken up into sections named things like " I never Kneaded you anyway" and "Forgetting you was a piece of cake".  The recipes have really fun names and the pictures are gorgeous.  I would pick a copy of this up for all my friends who have ever gone through any break-ups whether with significant others or friends. This book is a much healthier way to deal with a difficult situation or betrayal as opposed to keying cars or fits of hysteria. And.....the recipes are super easy to follow and delicious!

You can grab a copy on Amazon and even take a peek inside the first few pages of the book.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

What I loved about Target 100 by Liz Josefsberg

***I received an ARC of this book but the following comments are my own honest thoughts and opinions of this selection.***

I may have mentioned in a previous post that we don't use the word "diet" in our house. It is a dirty little four letter word.  I feel pretty strongly about this.  I was never a kid who had to watch their weight too much but it was a constant subject in my house growing up.  My mother was constantly trying every new diet fad that came out. I am not kidding. I lived through Richard Simmons videos, Slim Fast shakes, green tea pills, weight watchers, etc, etc, etc. Her weight would fluctuate a lot.  My little brother also developed a bit of a weight problem. I tried to stay pretty active myself and I loved exercising so I naturally was able to maintain with out trying to hard. Then I had my daughter right out of college and found myself as a single Mom a year later.  I had taken health and nutrition classes in college and knew that everyone loses weight differently.  I am one of those people who need to eat like 3 times a day on a set schedule.  I have consistently weighed more over the years since I gave birth to my daughter than I did the whole time I was pregnant. The reason I hate diets is because most of them tell you about all this stuff you need to stop eating and then it gets super expensive trying to buy the "right" ingredients. I have always felt like they aren't realistic for everyone.  I don't eat a lot of snacks.  My go to guilty pleasures are a plate of nachos, popcorn, and a bowl of ice cream .  These are not things that I even eat once a week. I have been looking for a practical guide of things to do to change my eating habits and start on a healthy path to weight loss.  Liz Josefsberg has provided such a guide.

Liz is all about real talk when it comes to her personal struggle to lose weight and her time as a Weight Watchers spokesperson.  This book helps you figure out what triggers you to eat unhealthy and how to substitute healthy options to create new habits. This is a fantastic way of making little changes.  She also helps you realize that you are bound to make a mistake or slip up from time to time. Instead of giving up when this happens and feeling bad about it, Liz teaches you to accept that you made a mistake and get right back on the horse the next day.  The book covers her main 6 steps for making changes. Her "Target 100" includes things like 100 ounces of water each day, 100 minutes of exercise weekly, and 100 grams of carbs daily.  These are such easy things to incorporate and change that I feel like this may be a perfect guide for so many more people than the average diet is.  I found this book to be very helpful and encouraging. I love how friendly the tone is of the book and how easy Liz is to relate too. The foreword is by Jennifer Hudson and she  has lost so much weight and maintained it thanks to help from Liz. This is a must read for anyone looking to lose weight or simply making some healthy changes.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tula Pink Coloring with Thread- Book Review

***I received an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own honest views.***

I love, love, love crafty things. I enjoy sewing from time to time and I paint and draw.  These are the things that I do to relax when I am not reading.  I first learned to embroider through my Grandmother when I was about 11. I always have some floss and material laying around and have been known to stitch names or flowers on to pillowcases and what not.  I have always wanted to learn more stitch types and other ways to embroider that would be more artistic.  This book was perfect for that.  It breaks down several types of stitches with pictures and gives examples of all kinds of projects for any experience level.  I have thought of trying some of the harder projects when I get a chance but after practicing some of the examples in the book I feel more confident and ready to tackle a tougher one.  I tried the elephant picture they used but needless to say I was not very successful lol.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys learning new crafts or just looking to improve on the embroidering skills they already have.