Sunday, February 9, 2020

THE GOD GAME dives into our current obsession with the virtual world that games and technology provide and asks the question: what if your virtual life could affect your real life? And what if you can't escape it?
In the vein of Ready Player One and Black MirrorTHE GOD GAME is a chilling page-turner that will leave you questioning your own sense of right and wrong at the end.


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My Thoughts:

I typically go through a few types of genre binges in the course of a year.  I noticed that the last few months I have been pretty interested in Sci-Fi, Techy type things.  I've even been watching shows on TV that fall in these categories a lot lately.  I read the description of this book and was so intrigued that I had to get my hands on a copy.  I really enjoyed this book despite my 3 star rating.   Why only 3 stars?  This is why:

1. I found the main characters, collectively known as "The Vindicators" to be pretty interesting but sometimes a little too much.  All the kids have some pretty heavy stuff happening in their home lives and being super into coding and computer tech is their main source of bonding and escape. I just found the language is a little heavy on the technical terms for me.  I know next to nothing about coding or computer programming so the references in different spots lost me.

2. Each chapter has it's own title but sometimes I felt like it was more distracting trying to figure out the relevance to the chapter than helpful.

3. I actually didn't like the ending.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad one but it was not what I was expecting.  Although, I think a lot of readers may find the ending to be perfect.  I am used to reading some of these books where the characters go on this journey to Hell and back and then everything works out to a sort of HEA ending.  This did not.  The individual endings for each character was a pretty realistic one.  They learned from their experience playing "The Game"and were living with their consequences.  This part was absolutely fine for me with the exception that it leaves it open for the possibility of a series.  This makes me mad because in order for the story to continue it will mess with more unsuspecting people and Charlie in particular. 

I do think overall that the writing was pretty solid and the story line was unique. 

My Rating: 3/5­čîč

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