What I Am Currently Watching....

This is where I am gonna discuss, review, or even recommend all my newest TV and movie obsessions!

I love Netflix! Love it.  I am going to add my picks for January and February here:

The Ranch- a series worthy of binge watching (humor and family drama)
Unleashed- a movie about a dog and cat who become human so they can be their owner's                   dream man (humor)
Grace & Frankie- so worth watching all 4 seasons. I mean Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and               Martin Sheen...need I say more. ( humor)
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events- NPH that is all you need to know other               than  it's hysterical. (humor, family friendly)
Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce- 3 seasons of laughter, love, and heartbreak (not family friendly           if you catch my drift)
Frontier- Jason freaking Mamoa!!!! ( 2 seasons of frontier style action)
Hart of Dixie-One of my favorite series of all times ...next to Vampire Diaries of course.                        (humor/family friendly)
Peaky Blinders- 4 seasons of gritty fighting, loving, and bootlegging (NOT family friendly)
 Bright- I know this movie starring Will Smith didn't get the greatest reviews but I loved it.

More to come.....

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